NorthZone provides advisory services
in the sports industry

Our approach for superior results

NorthZone core business is sport finance and investment banking however, our services cover the entire sport business lifecycle from major league sports teams, independent leagues/franchises, large sport corporations, sport consultants, amatory sport and start-up companies focused on the sports market.

Sports team owners and all the sporting industry players  are invited to get in touch with our sport investment bankers.

The details, nuances and peculiar knowledge required to serve the sport-related businesses is accomplished with an experienced and knowledgeable team with the tactical experience to realize the desired outcomes.

Our team is expert also in tourism and we can provide combined solution taking care of the tourism sustainability and the desired sport experience.


Contest of the sport and tourism sector

The business of sports has been changing significantly.

The sport business is becoming more competitive, resourceful and an opportunity to develop other businesses. Countries and cities are competing all over the world to host  sport event, to enhance  sport business or develop new  sport facilities. It is imperative to clearly understand opportunities and risks.

Also non professional sport events are increasing: non agonistic events are calling thousands of people which need infrastructure, equipment and specialized professionals. Sport and related activities, including wellness infrastructure are to be realized or updated.

People are using more and more their free time for wellness sport and sport tourism experiences:

  • professional and non professional events are moving large mass of people
  • sport and wellness activities are bringing the most potential for increasing the tourism all over the world.

Our service for Sport Advisory & Tourism:

The service we provide are the following:

  1. Professional Sport Advisory & Sport Legal advisory
  2. Investment Attraction
  3. Sport & Tourism
  4. M&A
    1. Sport & Tourism Industry
    2. Toursim & Sport Technologies
    3. Toursim & Sport Facilities
  5. Marketing and Communication
  6. Market opening and Internationalization of Brands

Explore features

Professional Sport Advisory

NorthZone assists different groups and organizations in planning, funding, opening, and managing sport, training, wellness, and recreation centers. Our clients include real estate developers, multi-national sports organizations, retail and hoteliers as well as orthopedic and medical centers.

Investment Attraction‎

NorthZone can help you to create and maintain high levels of performance in key areas such as location marketing and promotion, investor targeting and attraction, business retention and aftercare.

Sport Tourism

Youth and amateur sports tourism is the fastest growing segment within the travel industry today. From tournaments, events, road races and endurance competitions to senior games and adventure sports, the opportunities to attract tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of visitors for sports related overnight stays is an alluring proposition to those seeking economic development.

Destination and Tourism Strategies

Fascinated by the wonders of our mountain, we have developed a multidisciplinary approach providing effective, holistic and sustainable solutions and management services

Merger and Acquisition

NorthZone is a leader in advisory services for mergers and acquisitions in sports. M&A advisory is offered to both targets (“the sell side”) and acquirers (“the buy side”).  Sell-side advisory includes canvassing our network of contacts in the sports industry to pinpoint the right buyer, formulating an exit strategy for owners and investors, and ensuring a deal’s satisfactory close.

Marketing and Communication

NorthZone is active in providing creative solutions to governing bodies, rights holders, event organizers, and brands across all sports to either develop or change their approach or to enter the industry.

Your best partner

North Zone provides also legal advisory in sport laws
pre and post-investment compliance with all relevant regulations.